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OoC character-stalking post

Soooo, Hiyori's a geek in her own right. She breaks the fourth wall. Cannon-wise, she's really only shown fanning over Pheonix Wright (see icon) and Full Metal Alchemist.

However, it is really left open for interpretation; she likes video games and anime, and I'm going with the assumption that although she likes anime a lot, she'll definitely also read the manga.

So! This post is to say 'hey, sup, this is my character, they are from ________.' Then, if applicable, 'And their manga version is different from anime like ______' Or 'look it up, lazy.'


EDIT: So, really? Tell me if you DON'T want to be broken fourth-wall-like. Cause she won't actually do anything, and she believes characters knowing that they're characters=CHAOS AND STUFF. Soooo, yeah, If there's canon I know, I'll probably have her know it. TELL ME IF HIYORI IS DO NOT WANT.
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OoC Concrit post

Yeah, yeah, you guys know the drill.

Is Hiyorin completely out of character? Have questions? Completely confused by something? Why the hell is she stalking you on your RP journals? DO NOT WANT BAD KARACTERIZASHON? What the crap did she just draw involving your character?!

Post here, non-anonymous encouraged cause ilu all long time and I don't get offended? ♥
Let me explain

Sketch 102

I know this is going to sound really weird, but people should probably start getting some suntan lotion ready or something. I've been here long enough that when the weather suddenly changes, it goes to the extreme. It'll only last a little bit, and it's not as bad as some of the other weather curses. There was one time where, after it rained a lot, there was a sea monster hiding out at the bottom of deeper parts of the City.

Anyway, I guess enjoy the sun for the next three days!

[OoC: Okay, I wanted to get this out on Friday, but I have literally had no time from Friday to right now, so please pretend that this was posted on Friday afternoon, thank you!]
Rainbows and puppies and sunshine

Sketch 101

[Voice Post]

Yeah, I know that there's the mistletoe curse, but honestly, I've been through it enough that it doesn't really bother me too much. So, I'll be in my shop all day today. Plus I'm getting a lot of good inspiration from all of this! I haven't gotten the plot bunnies this much in a while!

Also, hey, when do people want to do a giant snowball fight? I think the time's about right. Sometime next week, maybe? That way, maybe we have time to practice!

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: I AM SO SORRY, I THOUGHT IT WAS THE 11TH TODAY. Please to be backdating to yesterday, thank you! Strikes not there.]
With Patty-chan/Concerned

Sketch 99

[Voice Post]

Uh, hey, so, I was staring off, and all of a sudden I was falling from some really tall height. And a crow was trying to talk to me, telling me that I should fly, even though I really didn't think that I could. Apparently I'm a really- Or, I thought that I was a good climber. Or, or something.

Anyway, I was able to, somehow, I think. And it was the best thing I'd ever felt, and I was watching over all these people, and I was really soaring and uh, then the crow turned on me, and then I was still falling and falling, and well, you know how in dreams you usually wake up before you fall? This wasn't- [A long pause, it's clearly affected her.]

Well, apparently, whatever this-uh, dream thing was, I was doing it. Including the falling, and the, uh, hitting. But I was only in my shop, which is one story. Not however high it seemed two seconds ago. I think I twisted my ankle, though.

I've been in the City a while, though, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't just some random image, so, if that sounds familiar to anyone- are you alright?


I'm going to go take care of my ankle now.

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: Got Bran's memory, via re-enacting it, which was falling from some huge castle, getting coached and goaded into a crow while falling, and then when he succeeded, the crow pecked at his forehead and turned into a woman, or something, and then he woke up with leg problems. 8( All because of incest.]
Rainbows and puppies and sunshine

Sketch 98

[Video Post]

It's this day again? I'll be right out!

Uh, well, maybe. Depending on who you are.

Maybe I'll just wait until there's someone I know, for sure.

[/Video Post]

[OoC: ANYTHING GOES, TROLL HER. This is hilarious, but not me. I can think about cats without sobbing and then posting it on-*sniff* Ohgod, I just thought about cats!]

Sketch 97

[Video Post]

Well, I guess this whole color blind thing is calming down. It's kind of been emotional these past few days, but I've got almost all the colors back! The only thing missing is purple, but I guess that I'll get it back soon enough. [There is something that looks like a blur, and then Hiyori is holding something up to the screen, screaming.]

Collapse )

[OoC: Image from here. Please ignore the ask box on top of it, and just replace Dave with a horrified Hiyori. Based off of this plot!]
Zoning out in thought

Sketch 96

[Voice Post]

So I think I've had this curse before, or at least I've seen other people have it. It's not actually so bad once you start getting the feel of it. I mean, sure, I've got no filter. Not like a filter over the network, I mean, you know, like a mouth filter. That sounds really stupid. I mean, like a way of controlling what words I actually say as opposed to just saying whatever I think. Except I sort of can control it. If I don't think of anything, then nothing comes out! Uh! Not that I meant comes out to be taken in any sort of other way like- Okay I'm going to think of nothing right now. I just need to clear-

[And there is a five second pause of silence.]

Yes! I did it! Oh, wait, no, that's thinking again.

Well, it could be worse. There was one time where me, Proto, Rin, Obito and I were all hanging out together in the carnival and Proto had to shove a scarf in my mouth to keep me from talking- oh, wow, I really miss them now. I mean, I always miss them, but I haven't really thought about that in a while! And who'd think that I'd miss him about that scarf thing! But I guess even the everyday, really annoying things that he did can be nice after so long of not seeing him. Or any of them. And everyone else that's left. Even people who're technically still here. That forgot. That might even make it sadder! At least with Clow and Rue and Shiki and Lee and Sakura and Rika and Hatsuharu they just went home. Senpai came back a few times but she didn't remember everything from her first time here and that was really sad. But it's not like I've forgotten my friends here, you know? I just miss them, but that's normal. And I really didn't mean to go on this long. I guess it's kind of funny what someone shoving a scarf into your mouth will do. And wow I'm still talking! I'm just going to end this now. I hope everyone else is having an easy time at least. I'm just going to try and not talk everyone's ear off now. Not literally, though, that'd be kind of gross, but that makes a really interesting idea for a story, so maybe I could use that in- [And with that, she manages to end the transmission.]

[/Voice Post]

[OoC: I stole the 'oh wait that's thinking' from the Simpson's episode "Make room for Lisa" when she's in the sensory deprivation tank, because I'm not that funny.]
Quite bluefaced today

Sketch 95

[Video Post]

[She is in the Square, ready to leave her shop. She points the camera all over, letting people see the scenery. There are two people kissing somewhere in that view. She speaks in a calm manner.]

So, this is some sort of kissing curse.

We've had kissing curses.

With mistletoe.

In winter.

Around Christmastime.

[She now begins verbally and physically flailing.]

Why are we having one now?!

[/Video Post]

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[OoC: HAVE AT HER? The Huey thing is part of an ongoing plot. Clearly kissing day is the best day to confront the guy that's been groping females left and right. 8|b Lemme know if you want something changed, Huey-mun. Also, be back, dinner.]